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In this digital age there are many ways to connect with potential car buyers online. CarCasm has developed a way your salesmen can use your existing website to help increase sales! Salesmen can have their own links to your website that will use the salesman's information such as email and phone number to display to the user. We call them 'Salesmen Sticky Pages'.

We increased the 'Salesmen Sticky Pages' functionality. Your salesmen can now have their own chat that follows the user throughout the website. Now your salesmen can get their own leads and help free up dealership resources while increasing monthly sales. Who doesn't want that?

Basic Salesmen Pages Include (Free): *

  • Display salesman's phone number, email address and their own chat
  • Access to all CarCasm® page widgets
  • Saleman's information only shows on their page
  • Salesman team page
  • Basic Salesman Demo Page Click Here

Sticky Salesmen Pages Include (Additional Fees Required): **

* Basic salesmen pages only show the salesman's info on that page. The salesman phone number, email address and/or chat will only show on their page. Chat functionality is a separate service

** CarCasm will help setup the Sticky Pages. Option for the dealership to pay for unlimited salesmen Sticky Pages or pay individually. Custom Sticky Pages & Salesmen Home Pages require additional fees. Any custom programming may require additional fees. Chat functionality is a separate service


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