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Data Manipulation*


CarCasm® Specialty Services

CarCasm® sympathizes with the repetitive tasks that your dealership does. We have a team of programmers that can make those tasks automated. It can be anything from combining data from multiple Excel/CSV files to something as complex as auto generating vehicle data for your website or other 3rd party platforms.

We can create a specialty reporting system that combines data from many platforms or services. For instance our sample Reporting System combines a CSV file of vehicles purchased, ADP information, Keyper and a CSV file of spare keys for vehicles to help manage your inventory efficiently. Click here to visit our demo reporting platform.

We can also export data to 3rd party services such as CarGurus, CARFAX® or Hammer. All we need is your inventory and any specifications you may have.

The sky is the limit! Streamline your internal processes and save $$$!

* These processes require additional servers to process data. There will be monthly costs in addition to programming fees. These are specialty services to fit your dealership needs.


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