CarCasm® Checkout / Virtual Deal

Start the Selling Process on Your Website: In this digital age, website users are purchasing many products online. Consumers today expect an accelerated checkout process that is simple and secure. The CarCasmĀ® checkout system allows your dealership to sell cars directly on your website with total ease by allowing customers to initiate a deal online. The user can initiate the financing process or put down a deposit.

Financing Option: When this process is selected users are prompted to enter all of their financial information. This information will allow your dealership to initiate a deal with the customer and save them time at the dealership.

Deposit Option: When a deposit is left on a vehicle you will have complete assurance that the customer is a motivated buyer. It is the hottest lead you can get. Your sales team will have pertinent information to contact them and close the deal.

With either route your dealership will have a new customer that is serious about buying a car with your dealership. Best of all they have initiated the deal from the comfort of their own home.

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Scroll through our banners below to get an idea of how our Virtual Deal / Checkout operates.

In 10 minutes you could have a new customer that you know wants to buy a car with your dealership!

Please keep in mind the checkout can be customized to fit your needs.

The customer sees a car and selects 'Add to Cart'.
The customer creates an account based on their email.
They choose finance/deposit and pickup/deliver.
The finance option asks for more detailed financial information.
The customer uploads their identification.
They verify their billing information and their credit card info.
Upon payment they receive a schedule pickup/delivery date.
The customer and dealership receive emails of the purchase.
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Click Here to See a Live Demo Live Demo


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