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CarCasm® has teamed up with an IT Service company to help fulfill any additional needs your dealership may have. Please read the below to find out if there is anything we can help you with. You can email or call us directly with any questions.

Below Is A Message From Our IT Provider

Having a functional data network, computers and printers sounds simple enough, but all too often businesses experience frustration because one of these aspects. From servers crashing and printers not working, to catastrophic data loss resulting in significant financial loss. You just want your computers to work, that's where we come in.

Our proactive approach is simple: address problems before they become problems. This way, when you turn on your computers in the morning, you don't have to be concerned if something can happen. This means that you can focus on your business and not worry about your IT.

More reasons to use our IT Services

  • Managed Business Computer Services Our managed services monitor all aspects of your computer network to analyze where issues may occur and fix them before they become problems. it is the core of our Proactive IT philosophy.
  • Cloud Solutions for Business We can analyze your business and existing infrastructure and help you determine if cloud solutions are a good fit, and if so, which ones and how you should implement them.
  • Business Continuity & Backup Solutions We believe that backups are just the start of a data plan. Our business continuity solutions ensure that in the event of a hardware or data issue, your operations continue without missing a beat.
  • Chief Technology Officer Our IT consultation services help you grow and plan. Most IT firms can fix your server or connect a printer, but we make suggestions on ways to use technology to grow your business.
  • IT Help Desk A major complaint people have is they can't get a hold of someone. Our help desk is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Most issues we resolve immediately but can handle escalated calls with expert care and attention.
  • Telephone & Internet Connections Telephones and a solid internet connection is the backbone to your network infrastructure. Our phone and internet services ensure that you have affordable, reliable connections with redundancy.
  • Network Security Our network security ensures that your data is safe. From the basics that include real-time virus and malware protection, to military-grade encryption for sensitive data, CCIT has the security experts to protect your business.
  • IT Regulatory Compliance From HIPAA to PCI, we ensure that you and your business follow various regulatory rules. We know that the risk and penalties can be substantial, so we ensure your business is protected.
  • Multiple Offices & Remote Employees Our IT experts can construct and maintain a robust and secure system that supports many employees from multiple locations, whether they are in an office or at home, in the United States or overseas.


Call us at (954) 361-1227 or email CarCasm® support at for more information.

* IT Services are not a direct product of CarCasm®. We will introduce you to our IT Service provider. You will deal directly with them for all your IT needs.

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